Be a Milk Man (or Lady)

Cornerstones Va. and West Briar Elementary School have teamed up to reduce food waste and feed those in need. 

Unopened milk from West Briar will be donated to the Cornerstones food pantry each week. Volunteers are needed for pick-up and delivery, 3:15 on Fridays. 


Please e-mail if interested.

Critical Exposure - Photographer

Help in the classroom. This is the trickiest role to coordinate, because there are limited opportunities for us to bring volunteers into the schools where we work, but we do try to engage skilled photographers in helping lead photo walks, work with students on photography basics, share professional experiences, and more.

Donate your work to our annual photo auction. The auction takes place in October and is our major fundraiser of the year. You can donate a print (framed, if possible) to help us raise money to continue providing photography and leadership training to our students. (Please know that there's a chance that we might not be able to include the image in the auction -- photographers have been so generous that we sometimes have too many!)

Take photos of our events and classes. We regularly have events that we need to document, and we like to give our students and staff a reprieve from shooting in order to talk to people about their work. If you're able to attend events or occasional classes and capture images of our programs in action, that's incredibly helpful. Does this sound like your wheelhouse? Join the "Volunteer: Photographer" group!


Reading Partners - Tutors

Can you share just one hour each week with a student who is struggling to read? By becoming a reading partner and volunteering as little as one hour a week, you can help a child learn to read. We provide an easy to use curriculum and on-site staff support to enable volunteers to be effective tutors. You bring your commitment and we’ll help you with everything else. Eighty-seven percent of fourth graders from low-income families in our nation’s capital do not read proficiently. Devoting just one hour each week to a student can make a tremendous impact. Last year, 95 percent of Reading Partners’ DC students improved their rate of learning in reading, and 86% narrowed their achievement gap.

We work in 18 schools across DC. You can see a map of our school sites here: Volunteer hours are available from around 8:30 to 5:30, depending on the school site. Volunteers must be at least 14 years old and pass a background check. Contact: Rachel Woods,

The Black Swan Academy - Lead Instructors

We are seeking several competent and qualified Lead Instructor(s), who are committed to encouraging and assisting students to develop his/her full potential. This position will be responsible for the planning and implementation of the curriculum; supervising counselors and youth. This position is not paid, however a small stipend will be offered. The Lead Instructor is expected to attend required trainings and work 5-8 hours per week (3:30-6 p.m.).

Requirements: 2-3 years experience conducting lesson plans/trainings/workshops; At least one year experience overseeing staff/volunteers or youth; Background in Black History, Social work, Education or Social Policy. Sensitivity to people of diverse educational, ethnic, and economic backgrounds; Secure DCPS clearances

Contact: Samantha Davis,

The Black Swan Academy - Mentors

We are seeking passionate mentors, who are committed to encouraging and assisting students to develop his/her full potential. Mentors assist in the implementation of the curriculum; including planning/participating in community service activities and advocacy efforts. Most importantly counselors are expected to be positive role models to the youth. This position is not paid, however a transportation stipend may be offered. Mentors are expected to attend required trainings and one to two times per week, 3-6 hours per week (3:30-6:30 p.m.).

Requirements: Experience working with youth; Interest in Social Justice and Black History; Sensitivity to people of diverse educational, ethnic, and economic backgrounds; Interest/Background in Social work, Education or Public Policy preferred; All volunteers MUST secure DCPS clearances.

Contact: Samantha Davis,